How To Get An Adonis Belt (Within 3 Months)

Adonis Belt

Adonis Belt

The Adonis belt (also known as the Apollos belt or iliac furrows) is one of the ‘sexiest’ and most sought after masculine body parts, and for a good reason.

The Adonis belt looks AWESOME. It will definitely boost your Sexual Market Value.

You’ll often see women’s talk shows or magazines talking about the ‘hawwwtest’ male body parts, and usually you’ll see answers like “his butt”, “his arms”, or “his jawline”, and they’re not wrong.

But often they’re ignoring one of the key components of a powerful v-taper – the Adonis belt, which sits right at the bottom.

In this article, I’ll show you exactly how to get it, and where 80% of your efforts need to be (hint: I’m not going to be trying to sell you some BS training program like most other articles will do.)

What Exactly Is The Adonis Belt?

The Adonis belt (it’s physiological name being iliac furrows) is a crucial part of your v-taper (broad shoulders, narrow waistline), and sits a few inches above your crotch.

It’s a pair of v-shaped lines that run from your mid-section down towards your true favourite body part. It’s really a result of getting down to sub 10% body fat, and symbolises physical fitness and health.

You can see the Adonis Belt ‘v-lines’ very clearly on Zyzz right here:

Adonis Belt
Source: Zyzz (Aziz Shavershian)

Let me emphasise that Zyzz had one of the most aesthetic physiques around, and he was permanently ~8-10% body fat. He was very successful at looksmaxing.

None of these chiselled features are going to be visible if you’re 11, 14, or 20% body fat. There’s just going to be too much ‘fluff’ covering them.

So the good news is that you DO have the beginnings of an Adonis Belt already, but there’s just a layer of fat covering it.

So if you really want to build the perfect Adonis belt over the long-term, you’ll want to train that area hard (training your obliques and serratus will make it all stand out much more), AND you’ll need to get lean.

The Adonis Belt Goes Hand In Hand With A V-Taper

A v-taper is the overall shape to your body, and it’s when you transform from the typical ‘pear-shaped’ or ‘apple-shaped’ physique, into more of a ‘v-shape’. This means broad shoulders, narrow waistline. It’s the most attractive physique type a man can have.

An Adonis Belt goes hand in hand with a v-taper, and is actually a segment within the lower portion of the ‘v’. Here’s what I mean when I’m comparing the ‘v’ to the ‘pear’:

Iliac Furrows

You can see clearly in the example above the ‘v’ shape you’re looking for marked in red, and then the beginnings of the Adonis Belt are really just an extension of this (in yellow).

But looking at this picture, can you see the difference between an estrogenic-looking physique, and then my physique on the right? The difference is truly night and day, and the way people respond to you is night and day too.

How To Get An Adonis Belt

Since you need to actually be very lean in order to stand a chance of having these muscles reveal themselves, it’s your diet that will be the most crucial component of this.

Your training will still play a role, and we’ll get to that shortly. But your diet is what is an absolute non-negotiable as far as whether or not you succeed with this goal.

Here’s exactly what I mean in regards to your diet…

Adonis Belt

The Adonis Belt Diet

There is no quick fix in regards to this, it’s simply a case of reducing your body fat levels over time.

Perhaps you’re starting out at 22% body fat. Over the months, you need to do whatever it takes to get down to 18%, then 15%, then 12%, then the ideal goal for revealing the Adonis Belt will need to be around 10% body fat.

You may see signs of it around 12-13%, but 10% will not only guarantee some level of definition there, but it will make its appearance far more obvious.

So how do you get there?

I recommend Intermittent Fasting, as this is the fastest and the least painful way to get down to 10% body fat. This is the system whereby you fast for 14, 16, or up to 23 hours per day (OMAD), and then eat during a condensed period of time.

It’s going to control your appetite and cravings better than any other eating system out there. It also ‘fits into’ your lifestyle far better than anything else, and is very flexible.

I also suggest getting fat burners like Phen Gold to take in the morning to boost your fat loss progress. The caffeine, green tea, L Tyrosine etc. really help to blunt your appetite and make shredding the belly fat much easier.

There is no ‘workout program’ that’s going to allow you to achieve this, even though all the other articles will try to convince you otherwise.

None. Zero. Nada.

It’s your DIET that will get you to 10% body fat. No training program will put you in a calorie deficit. An Intermittent Fasting meal plan however, is 100% guaranteed to do this.

Extra Nutritional Points

Here’s some more specific points to use in conjunction with an Intermittent Fasting set up:

  • Eat 10% below your maintenance calories, and remember to update this number as you lose weight
  • Eat 0.8-1.1g protein per pound of bodyweight (the leaner you get, then higher this number needs to be)
  • Get plenty of steak, veggies, and other filling, micronutrient-dense foods in there to keep you fuller for longer

If there’s no calorie deficit, there’s no fat loss. So that’s a baseline requirement if you want to achieve the Adonis look, and I’m the fat loss expert that will help you to maintain a calorie deficit until you hit the required body fat level.

Protein is there for muscle mass, and also for satiety reasons. Same with the micronutrient-dense foods, with some added health benefits that will keep you higher energy despite being in an energy deficit.

All three of these are extremely important, and you’ll need them if you want to survive this fat loss journey.

Having said all this, building your obliques won’t harm you and may add to your overall look. So there are a couple of exercises you could add to your current routine, just to polish off your overall physique.

Just remember that an entire training program is unnecessary to achieve this. Here’s what I recommend for your Adonis workouts…

Apollos Belt

The Adonis Belt Exercises

You should be on a training program already. The last thing you want to do while dieting is to lose muscle.

A fantastic program for getting lean and muscular is my Fighter Program (based on the Tyler Durden physique), which is a three-part video course (with excel sheets and PDFs too) that shows you step-by-step how to get down to 8% body fat.

But in addition to a proper training program?

You’ll want to add some emphasis on the following exercises, at the end of each training session:

The Ab Rollout (Using A Barbell)

For this exercise, you want to get on your knees while grabbing the barbell (with plates attached) in front of you.

Then while keeping your core tight, stretch forwards while holding onto the barbell. Then really squeeze as you pull yourself back up to the starting position closer to your knees.

This will really build your ab strength.

Hanging Leg Raises

With hanging leg raises, you simply hop onto the machine in your gym (or something as simple as two bars attached to your garage wall), lean on them keeping your torso upright, while raising your legs up to a 90 degree angle.

Because your torso is completely rigid, the muscles that are forced to work are your lower abs, and the area around the Adonis Belt.

You can also do this exercise while hanging down from a pull up bar, and it’s the exact same movement.

Weighted Carries

Weighted carries are a fantastic all round movement. Great for general strength, grip strength, abdominal strength, mobility, and overall health.

Grab some heavy dumbbells or kettlebells, and simply walk in a straight line for a set distance. 20-30m is usually a good number to shoot for.

These will build your Adonis Belt and all the surrounding muscles like nothing else.

The Best Adonis Belt Workout

You want to pick your favourite 1-2 exercises from these three. Then add them onto the end of your workouts in your current program, or the Fighter Program.

I would do 2 sets of each exercise for the first couple of months, and I’d be performing them 3-4x per week, depending on your current training set up.

After ~2 months, I’d build up to 3 sets of each exercise. This will be a lot of volume, and will build your Adonis belt very quickly.

But please keep in mind that all this stuff is on top of getting down to 10% body fat. The body fat percentage is non-negotiable – you can do ab rollouts until you’re blue in the face, but if you’re 22% body fat, there will be no Adonis Belt.

If you’d like to know exactly how to get to 10% body fat, make sure you’re on the email list. This is what I do best, and I’ve already helped 7,000+ men to achieve this exact goal:

    How Long Does It Take To Hit Sub 10% Body Fat?

    Good question.

    And the answer really depends on your starting point. If you’re starting from 20% body fat, you can expect it to take roughly 25 weeks, assuming you’re cutting sensibly and maintaining all your muscle.

    If you’re only starting from 12% body fat, it would be more like 5-6 weeks if you’re doing things cautiously.

    You can do it in less time than this, but it doesn’t account for any error, and may not be the best advice for maintaining all your muscle.

    Make sure you’re on my email list if you want to get this done properly.

    Optimise Rest & Recovery

    Sleep is one of the foundational pillars of both recovery from training, and controlling cravings (and therefore calories) on a diet.

    It’s critical.

    You will not gain or even maintain muscle on 5-6 hours per night (which is what 30%+ of Americans currently get). 10% body fat will be nearly impossible too.

    Muscle is torn down in the gym, but it’s built back up not just in the kitchen, but in bed while you’re asleep. You don’t want to sacrifice this by staying up late and not prioritising recovery.

    So make sure you’re getting 7-9 hours per night, by incorporating some strong sleep hygiene habits into your routine, such as:

    • Take morning walks
    • Reading before bed
    • Lavender before bed
    • No caffeine post-12pm
    • Don’t take your phone to bed

    I also recommend only taking fat burners in the morning for the same reason as coffee – the caffeine will murder your sleep quality if taken in the afternoon.

    In addition to sleep, you’ve also got hormonal health to look at. It’s going to be difficult to develop an impressive Adonis Belt when you’ve only got 400 total testosterone.

    Testosterone is the foundation of masculinity.

    It’s responsible for muscle growth, a deep voice, hair growth, and mental qualities like focus and productivity.

    You may want to look into Testogen, which is a powerful testosterone booster that can boost your levels by 44% (or more), using a variety of science-backed ingredients like vitamin D, magnesium and much more.

    Ashwagandha is another one to look at, especially if you’re stressed and struggle to relax before bed. A good idea may also be to take a long weekend off from work every so often, as this is bound to reduce your cortisol levels. Combine this with Ashwagandha, and you’ll be in a far better position.

    Apollo's Belt

    Common Adonis Belt Setbacks

    Here’s some common set backs I’ve noticed with guys when they’re looking to get down to 10% body fat or so, where they can see their ‘Apollo’s Belt’. These are far easier to overcome when you’re already aware of them, and prepared for them.

    Going Crazy On The Weekends

    This includes getting drunk, eating pancakes for breakfast, and having a general attitude of ‘who cares?’ on the weekend.

    The reality is that your body fat levels and your physique don’t care if it’s the weekend or not, and will continue to store body fat around your mid-section regardless of whether or not you feel like you deserve to party.

    I would urge you to stay the course and stay disciplined, especially during the first month or two, just while you build some momentum.

    From there, everything gets easier.

    Not ‘Having The Time’ To Workout

    This is almost never the case in reality, but I’ve learned that it’s code for “my workouts aren’t fun enough”.

    In this case, you want to make them quicker, more enjoyable, and more varied. You want to train at home (rather than drive to the gym, shower, change etc.), and get all the correct equipment for this. A pull up bar and some adjustable dumbbells will usually work – you can do ab rollouts with dumbbells too.

    You’ll want to make sure that you’re not doing any exercises that you HATE, because of course, this will make you want to prioritise working out much lower in your subconscious.

    Finally, a little variety in your exercise selection and sets/reps scheme is required in order to stave off boredom over time. I recommend switching things around every 4-6 weeks or so, to keep things fresh.

    Specific Diet Plans For 10% Body Fat

    The biggest factor when it comes to building the Adonis Belt, is easily your diet.

    So even though I’ve given you a ton of practical advice above on how to cut the body fat so that you can get a sexually attractive physique, you may still be feeling a little lost/confused.

    If that’s the case, don’t worry. I’ve got plenty more articles if you scroll to the right and look for the archives. They’re all free of course.

    If you’re looking for a paid solution, my Intermittent Fasting meal plans are the best option for you, as they’re tailored specifically to your needs, and with the goal of getting you ripped.

    Here’s what @Straighthand (a Twitter follower) has to say after working with me:

    “@TheForeverAlpha has done more than just give diet advice on Twitter. He’s fully developed a system of eating that is totally effective, entirely sustainable and thoroughly researched. His system of eating is 100% results-based. It worked for me!”

    (He is currently ~7% body fat and heavily muscled).

    If you’d like to get some personalised help, check out the link below:

    Iliac Furrows

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