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Intermittent Fasting

How To Eat Out At Restaurants & Still Get Shredded

Posted on November 27, 2018 in Intermittent Fasting

  One of the nicest, most happiness-inducing things you can do on a regular basis in your recreational life, is to enjoy meals out with other people.   It’s great. It makes you very happy.   But of course your brain immediately comes up with a couple of objections, possibly many, when we intertwine this […]

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Lose Weight Faster

Weakness? Or Power? Your Choice.

Posted on November 24, 2018 in Men Over 40

  Gentlemen,   We’ve all had times in our lives where we’ve felt weak. Perhaps a little helpless.   Maybe it was when we couldn’t protect our loved ones.   Family.   Kids.   Wife.   Younger brother.   Or sister.   Or mother.   Perhaps it was when that guy had a go at […]

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Men Over 40 Health

Men Over 40: How To Get The James Bond Physique

Posted on November 12, 2018 in Men Over 40

  Daniel Craig (James Bond) had a great physique in the films Casino Royale and Skyfall. Casino Royale was filmed in 2006, whilst Skyfall was filmed in 2012.   This put him at age 38 in Casino Royale, and 44 in Skyfall. So technically, I’ll give it to you; he wasn’t in the Men Over […]

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How To Break A Fast

The Carnivore Diet Is Healthy? Huh?

Posted on November 10, 2018 in Intermittent Fasting

  Ah this should be fun.   I’ve been tweeting a lot recently about the insanity of the Carnivore Diet (and you thought Keto was stupid enough), and how extremists have taken it to another level with this brilliantly-crafted genius of an idea.   The very people who need moderation the most, have now continued […]

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