Men Over 40 Weight Loss – Best Weekly Resources #20

Posted on June 12, 2018 in Cutting, Diet, Older Guys, Supplements, Weekly Best Resources

Men Over 40


Best Men Over 40 Weight Loss Resources – #20


This is a great video from two of my favourites. I’ve been following both guys for years; almost as long as I’ve been lifting. Eric is very much a science guy, and Omar is more of a hybrid of science/informative content and entertainment. Both are very strong and both have great physiques.


They talk about how the most important thing with fat loss is to understand the client and their motivations. They reinforce what I’ve been saying for a long time now:


When someone comes to you and says that they want to lose 5 pounds, you can either:


A) Scam them and charge a high fee to lose them 5 pounds, or

B) Help them to develop a fitness lifestyle that fits around their overall life, goals, ambitions, plans etc.


This is what causes them to lose a lot more than 5 pounds, and to actually keep that weight off. It’s what’s known as long-term happiness. This is what people truly want, yet they’re oblivious and they have no idea how to get there.


Eric and Omar delve into more detail here:


Eric Helms & Omar Isuf – Anecdotes & Observations – Ep7 – Motivation & Adherence with Omar Isuf


Paul has done another great video on fat loss stalls and how to avoid them. Men Over 4o are constantly stalling, and they’re normally very easily preventable.


Watch the whole thing to find out if this includes you:


Paul Revelia – Why You Stalled


I think this is a fantastic guide for Men Over 40 who want to lose fat. It’s quality content. The only thing I’m not sure about is sleep being the foundation. Mindset yes, sleep no. Nutrition comes before sleep.


Having a rough night’s sleep of course does make things more difficult from an adherence standpoint though. Either way, this is a great guide for you:


Fit Father Project – Men Over 40 Fat Loss Guide


Jason has always been a fantastic source of informative content over the years – very objective stuff and he’s very experienced, very methodical in his approach, and very current in terms of scientific literature and knowledge.


Like myself, he has a lot of experience with supplements, and this video highlights the few supplements that do actually work – if you watch the video, you’ll see just how short the list is:


Jason Blaha – The Short List Of Supplements That Actually Work


This is a great article for fat loss right from the very first tip – start each meal with an apple. Its great for hunger satiation for a very low caloric cost.


There are many other great fat loss tips for Men Over 40 here, check them out:


40 Tips For Men Over 40 Who Want To Lose Fat


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