Men Over 40 Best Weekly Resources – #19

Posted on June 3, 2018 in Cutting, Diet, Health, Older Guys, Weekly Best Resources

Men Over 40


Best Men Over 40 Resources – #19


Strength training is not just about the physical; it’s also the mental. It alleviates a lot of the impulsive, irrational tendencies most people seem to have nowadays, and instead trains you to delay gratification and learn how to progress over the long-term.


It teaches:


  • Discipline
  • Perseverance
  • Self-control
  • How to suffer correctly
  • Long-term gains from short-term pains


Watch the whole thing here:


Jason Blaha – The Psychological Benefits Of Training


Here’s another great video on how much volume to perform. Most of these coaches are older guys, so they have a lot of personal experience when it comes to training with slightly lower recovery abilities – critical in determining how much volume you can not only perform, but also recover from.


Find out more here:


Team 3DMJ – How Much Volume?


Men Over 40 may not want to get super cut right now, but I can assure you that once you get a taste of the “good stuff”, you’ll want more. Meaning, you will end up wanting to get very lean eventually, if you’re successful and you actually manage to lose some weight and gain some momentum in the first place.


We always end up wanting more. How do I know?


Guys I’ve coached are never truly satisfied with 5-10 pounds of fat loss. Really, we all want to look the best we can, and 5-10 pounds is never enough.


Here’s a good guide on the food choices you should be focusing on when getting cut for the summer:


Return Of Kings – Should You Get Super Cut For The Summer?


This is interesting. If you’re interested in watching the progress develop between these two guys utilising different training methodologies (and tracking the results!), then I highly suggest you subscribe to their email list.


Jak is doing a 3 month challenge using only bodyweight exercises.


J.Nyx is doing a 3 month challenge using weights.


Who will win?


Read this to find out more:


A King’s Castle – Iron vs Bodyweight Challenge


Paul has a question from an Instagram follower – everything is going well…until the scale stalls. Fat loss is no longer occuring. CRAP! Why?


Why is this happening?!




The body’s goal is never to lose fat. Therefore, this is why you must “soft-sell” your body on fat loss – do it gradually. Paul talks about how this is completely normal, which it is. But the point is that you don’t want to reach this stage too soon, on too low calories and too high cardio, and you must be willing to have a maintenance phase too, which takes time.


Watch the whole video here:


Paul Revelia – Fat Loss Stall – What Now?


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