Men Over 40 Weekly Best Resources – #17

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Men Over 40


Men Over 40 Best Resources – Week 17


Technically, this wasn’t from this week (how naughty of me), but it’s a great article from BlackDragon. It’s a fantastic resource for developing your mission, which ultimately, is more important even than freedom, and also for goal-setting and purpose.


Freedom without purpose is unfulfilling. Mission comes first:


BlackDragonBlog – Planning Out Your Life


The older you are (pre-retirement), the busy you tend to be. Men over 40 simply tend to have greater life overhead, generally speaking than younger men. Therefore time management is critical. I actually have a guest post coming up on time management which is a cracker (if I say so myself).


Time management is crucial for fitness success. It makes diet compliance far easier, and lowers stress when it comes to your gym routine – very nice.


Here is a useful article on optimising your use of time:


Return Of Kings – How To Optimise Your Time


This is such a great video from Paul – seriously, watch it. Too many guys are screwing themselves by taking it too far with diet or cardio when it comes to fat loss.


You need to set an upper limit for cardio and a lower limit for total calories and make a contract with yourself to never trespass beyond these limits. Otherwise your long-term results are doomed.


Slowly work towards these limits – they are limits, not targets. Watch the video:


Paul Revelia – Calories & Cardio Thresholds


This is a very useful article for muscle gain. Alex gives a historical overview which is very interesting in terms of the body fat percentages of men. The thing is though, men were generally leaner many years ago, so there wasn’t quite the focus on being shredded, as body fat wasn’t such an obvious issue like it is today. They didn’t have all of the junk food and mountains of crap which are far too easily available today. Muscle was the focus, rather than body fat.


They also didn’t realise the value of lowering body fat to attracting women. Society was different then. Men were judging men for the perfect physique. Women didn’t really have a say in what constitutes a great physique (which is a mistake in my opinion). I mean, if we’re being honest, we don’t want to attract the same sex do we? We want to attract women, not men.


Men judge women’s attractiveness, not women. “Kick-ass, independent” (dominant) career women are not sexy. At least not because of their career or “independence” or “sass”.


The reverse is also true – women judge our attractiveness, not other men. Guys with 20 inch biceps are not attractive, despite what men think.


The opposite sex determines what looks good.


Nevertheless, it’s a very interesting article on bulking and body fat, with some key take-aways at the end on how to bulk properly as a natural:


AJA Cortes – Bulking Context & Practise


I’ve spoken before about drinking loads of water before eating meals and how this reduces your appetite by bloating you up. Another one, is cardio. I won’t go into detail here (read the full article for that), but cardio definitely reduces cravings (under most circumstances, as I realise this gets complicated and subjective), and it reduces boredom eating with everybody.


I will do another article soon actually on the “boredom” lifestyle and how horrendous this is during a fat loss phase. Boredom is the biggest lifestyle factor that causes people to gain weight. It’s sad. It’s even worse than stress.


If I could pick two, it would be:


  • Comfort
  • Boredom


I’m not sure which is worse. Boredom is probably more of a short-term variation of comfort. Comfort is a long-term condition. Very bad.


Either way, you will get value from this:


T Nation – A Pre-Meal Trick


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