Men Over 40 Weekly Best Resources – #16

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Men Over 40


Men Over 40 Best Resources – Week 16


I know a few people recently have been complaining about the amount of time it takes to weigh your food properly, count macros and calories properly in order to lose fat effectively. I did a post a while ago on the secret to busy Men Over 40 losing fat, which focused on time management and preparation.


A few valid concerns came up in regards to not only weighing out the food, but cooking it, putting it away into tupperware’s, etc. There are several ways to streamline the process and make things easier:


  1. Cook all your meals together.
  2. Use the same meat all week for a given week, but add different herbs and spices.
  3. Have a big pan of mixed veg – simply add each type of veg at different times depending on how long it takes to cook.
  4. Make sure oyu have a big bowl of fruit ready at the start of each week.
  5. Use no more than 3 fruits for any given week.


What the above means, is that once you have weighed 2-3 meals, you can then use the calories and macros from those meals for the rest of your meals for the entire week. Same thing with fruit as snacks. But you can vary it somewhat with different herbs, spices and minor variations.


To keep yourself from getting bored, change it up every week. But if you want to make tracking easier and more time efficient, use the same foods and the same numbers. Watch the full video here:


Kinobody – How To Track Calories & Macros Effortlessly


Although the title is a little misleading, this is another great one for Men Over 40. I’ve spoken to a few guys who have had bad experiences with alcohol in the past, and I think you will gain some value from Jak’s experiences here.


He talks about the social aspects of drinking and how he deals with gatherings, parties etc. Interesting stuff:


A King’s Castle – The Easy Way To Quit Drinking


This is a great video from Paul talking about one of the key reasons it gets more and more difficult to lose weight over time. I talk about this in Intermittent Fasting Phase 3 (towards the end of it), whereby you start to adapt, thingsa get really hard, you need more and more cardio, with less and less calories.


Paul talks about his own experiences with metabolic adaptation, and also the great Eric Helms’ experiences:


Paul Revelia – Metabolic Adaptations To Weight Loss


This is a great article for building habits, which is crucial for long-term success, which is what I’m all about. Habits and discipline are what will carry you through the inevitable times of difficulty and low motivation. Habits are key.


He talks about the 3 main cornerstones of habit creation:


  1. Cues
  2. Routines
  3. Rewards


and how to use these principles effectively. If you apply these to your training routine and your diet, you are bound to become more disciplined and have more success over time.


Have a read:


Axtschmiede – The Science Guide To Building Habits That Stick


An interesting video from Will, who talks about his experiences with freedom, and how eventually it gets boring. Very interesting. The bottom line, as you can see so often with retired people, is that after a few years of freedom, people tend to get bored.


Traveling gets boring eventually – there’s only so many pina colada’s you can drink on the beach.


Having an insane, crazy sex life gets boring eventually – you will want to settle down some day.


Hitting PR’s in the gym gets boring eventually – you will simply want to focus on other fitness related endeavours after a while.


Having an insane social life gets boring eventually – you will want closer friendships and you will get sick of being hungover all the time.


Everything gets boring eventually. I would argue that you’d be a lot better off having some of all of the above, so you’re less likely to get sick of any one thing.


But the real key takeaway in this insightful video is that goals, mission and purpose are the bedrock of a man’s life, and without them, freedom is meaningless, boring and ultimately unfulfilling. Having a mission and multiple long-term exciting goals will always keep your from being bored. Freedom without a mission is worthless.


Watch the whole thing here:


Revolutionary Lifestyle Design – Why Freedom Is Over-rated


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