Men Over 40 Best Weekly Resources – #18

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Men Over 40


Best Men Over 40 Resources – #18


This is a great article just released today. It emphasises the value of having patience when trying to build muscle, and this is especially true for Men Over 40 – unless you’re on TRT you simply have no chance of being as anabolic as younger men.


Gaining muscle takes time – specifically, extended time in a small caloric surplus. You also need to remember that your maintenance calories will go up, which means you will need to adjust your calories upwards over time. The surplus remains the same, but the total caloric intake goes up, because it has to.


The name of the game is food + sleep. Make sure you nail both. Great article, have a read if you’re eager to learn more:


Masculine Development – How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle?


This one ties directly into how you should approach a fat loss endeavour. It’s never easy, therefore not working hard is not an option. You must work hard, and you must be disciplined.


But working hard must also be coupled with working smart. I work smart. Most people don’t. They constantly lose weight, just to regain it all again in the future. That’s not smart, that’s dumb.


I work smart because I:



Great article on working hard vs. smart, read more here:


Caleb Jones Blog – Working Hard vs. Working Smart


Everyone wants big arms, and this is likely something that you are struggling with. I like the way he talks about training volume and the fear of overtraining, holding a similar stance to myself when it comes to the fear of being “too big” – it just doesn’t happen, and the guys who have this fear are invariably tiny.


Overtraining on the big compound movements is a very real phenomenon and very do-able, especially once you start to get stronger. Your arms, however, are another ball game. They can take a pounding.


He also talks about different exercises, rep ranges and variations. Check it out here if you want massive arms:


Masculine Millenials – Build Big Arms


Really, REALLY important video – MUST WATCH!!!


It’s another cracker from the great Mike Israetel, who took part in The Bulking Debate a few months back. He is the guy who came up with MV, MEV, and MRV. Respectively, these are Maintenance Volume, Minimum Effective Volume, and Maximum Recoverable Volume.


As I’ve written about before, there is a huge range between your MEV (minimum training per week required to grow) and MRV (maximum you can possibly recover from), and how there are multiple factors that go into these numbers and these will also change over time.


What I haven’t spoken about before, is what Mike delves into today – individual variances. Whilst the theory is 100% correct, it doesn’t account for individual differences on certain movements and for certain body parts. This is where a little experience and experimentation comes in.


For myself, for example, I can recover from WAY more total trainiing volume in my upper body than I can for my lower body. Always have done, always will do. This is regardless of food intake. Whether I’m dieting or bulking, sleeping perfectly or not perfectly, my lower body simply cannot take as many working sets per week as my upper body. Just doesn’t happen. Therefore my MRV for my lower body is much lower than 20 sets per week.


You may be the same, or you may be different. It’s up to you to discover this.


This is a REALLY important video; only 4 minutes in length, and I highly encourage you to check it out:


Juggernaut Training Systems – Taking Ownership Of Your Training


Will has another very insightful self-improvement video here in finance. Ever wondered how rich guys can go bankrupt? Footballers, athletes, film starts, actors, singers? How the hell can they go bankrupt?


Will talks about the mindset of an entrepreneur and a producer, vs the mindset of a consumer. He talks about developing the savvy mindset of financial discipline and learning this over time.


Some great info here once again – check it out:


Revolutionary Lifestyle Design – Wealth Protection


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