Men Over 40 Weekly Best Resources – #14

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Men Over 40


Men Over 40 Best Resources – Week 14


If you want to lose weight, stop looking for that ONE THING. Seriously guys. The pareto principle is accurate, in that in general terms, you will receieve far greater benefits from some things as opposed to others. For example, 80% of your fat loss results will come from focusing on nailing your total calories. Without doing this, you’re going nowhere.


But that doesn’t mean that there is ONE THING that will change EVERYTHING and render EVERYTHING ELSE completely useless. No, success with just about anything will be the average of your success in all of the key relevant areas, of which there are several:


  • Energy intake
  • Energy expenditure from cardio
  • Energy expenditure from general activity
  • Diet quality
  • Water
  • Appetite suppression strategies
  • Sleep
  • Macronutrient balance
  • Weight training


So you can see that it really is multi-faceted, therefore it will take a long time to master the Fitness Game.


It is a very common trap to fall into, to believe that there is just ONE THING out there that’s waiting for you, and once you discover it, it will wave its magical fat loss wand. No.


Charles goes into more detail here:


Charles Sledge – Embrace The Complexity


A King’s Castle truly is a very valuable resource for Men Over 40. So I highly suggest that you head over there to read their content.


This blog post on your circle of closest friends is a very important one. They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. I think this is more true for some personalities than others, as I seem to have developed a strong ability to get on with my goals regardless of what anyone else is doing or saying, regardless of how close they are to me.


Having said this, other people will definitely contribute in some areas, and drag you down in others. It’s up to you to manage this, and limit time/contact with those who drag you down in some areas, and spend more time with those who add value.


Everything is about adding mutual value to eachother. This is true in business relationships, male-female relationships and male-male friendships. Not mountains upon mountains of compromises and trade-offs. Keep them minimal.


Jak goes into detail about the five categories of friends that I’m sure you will be able to relate to in your personal life, read more here:


A King’s Castle – Your Circle Of Friends


I know a lot of you are very into cryptocurrency speculating/investing, and it’s become a very popular topic in the year 2018. In a previous instalment of the Men Over 40 best resources, I linked a solid guide to Cryptocurrencies. You may need to read that if you haven’t already.


Caleb is a very experienced and successful investor, and his thoughts on the crash may be very helpful if you want to make more money in the future. He’s given his analysis on the recent crash and his predictions on the future state of the market here:


The Caleb Jones Blog – Cryptocurrencies Latest Crash


Without progress, we have nothing. I’ve spoken before about how the biggest threat to modern day men is comfort (and laziness). We need to progress to:


  • Make more money
  • Increase our financial freedom
  • Increase our health
  • Get better looking
  • Get stronger
  • Lose fat
  • Improve our lifestyle’s
  • Get more sex
  • Improve all relationships
  • Become more confident
  • Become more outcome independent


Will expands on this in a brilliant article (and embedded YouTube video) here:


Revolutionary Lifestyle Design – How To Make Progress


Despite having a fantastic list of resources this week, and I really mean that – the above are some of my favourite blogs to read on a regular basis, I have truly saved the best until last here in terms of fitness information for Men Over 40.


Despite TRT being a very controversial topic for Men Over 40, it is outrageously important. You are doomed to having a sub-optimal health and fitness life beyond age 35 or so if you choose to reject it. This doesn’t have to be your fate.


I predict that many women will detest it forever. They will see it as a threat to their power over your attention and resources. This will piss them off, just like debunking the Dad Bod myth, but who cares? You certainly won’t care when you have the testosterone, strength and energy of a younger man, yet the experience and maturity of an older man.


I also predict that generally speaking, it will become more “normal” over time, as medicine continues to advance, even if society largely doesn’t approve of it.


Regardless of what happens, it is without question in your best interests you learn everything you can about it:


Optimizing Male Hormones – Entrepreneurs In Cars & Jay Campbell


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