Men Over 40 Best Weekly Resources – Week 12

Posted on April 7, 2018 in Diet, Lifestyle, Older Guys, Time Management, Weekly Best Resources

Men Over 40

Men Over 40 Best Resources Week 12


When you’ve been losing fat for a while, you reach a point whereby you MUST lower calories further if you want to progress. If you want to get that Achilles look, you’ve got to sacrifice, especially if you’re an older dude who simply burns less calories. But when exactly is this, and should you think about doing the reverse, a diet break?


Paul gives some insight into these important questions here:


Paul Revelia – How Low Can Calories Go?


A recent look at my analytics revealed that I have readers in their thirties (so not technically Men Over 40), whom, due to their age, may or may not be considering having kids. Here is a great, informative article from Blackdragon which may help you. Part 1 is linked on his blog:


BlackDragonBlog – The Decision On Whether Or Not To Have Kids Part 2


Charisma is very powerful, but it’s something that we forget. We get wrapped up in our own lives, become stressed-out, and lose our charm (which is part of charisma). Here is a great write-up on the topic of charisma:


Axtschmiede – How To Develop More Charisma


This was technically from a while back, but a great article for busy Men Over 40 nonetheless. If you don’t prepare your weekly food plan in advance, you will always be swayed by the rest of the world and its’ demands. When you’re busy and stressed out, you eat shit, because that’s what’s marketed to you, and your lowered defences (willpower) make you vulnerable to this.


Make sure you are planning this stuff in advance. Your entire health and fitness depends on it:


Men’s Health – A Beginners Guide To Meal Prep


Continuing from last week’s financial piece, this week A King’s Castle has released a How To Create A Budget, which I think is very useful. Too many people don’t track their spending at all and end up in the red all the time as a result. In fact, if our government’s did this, we wouldn’t be in a shit-ton of debt, but hey.


A King’s Castle – Creating A Budget


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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