Men Over 40 Weekly Best Resources – #9

Posted on March 17, 2018 in Diet, Health, Older Guys, Weekly Best Resources

Men Over 40

Men Over 40 – Week 9


Admittedly, this article is from a while back, but I had to send a link to it. He talks about just how difficult it is to improve your health in this day and age, due a multitude of factors, ranging from your family throwing obstacles in your face to “diets” being sold to you that, in reality, require totalitarianist adherence.


Your family and close ones appear to get jealous, and often sabotage your attempts at weight loss. Something I’ve never understood but I can tell you for a fact that it’s true.


And I’ve spoken many times about the insanity of people’s diet attempts, and how they are destined to fail from the word go. AJA Cortes has written a great article here, check it out:


AJA Cortes – The War Against Your Health


Another great one from Jason. I know many of you reading this are looking to lose fat, but don’t know by how much to drop volume in order to maximise your results. Obviously, maximising your results in this case is maintaining all of your muscle and recovering fully, which gets harder in a calorie deficit.


He goes into more detail as to what you should do when cutting:


Jason Blaha Fitness – The Volume Dilemma When Cutting Fat


With the summer fast approaching, Christian Guzman has started his new Summer Shredding series. In the past I always found this to be a motivating series. What he normally does is get shredded for a competition around July time, which coincidentally always timed nicely with the beach/holiday season for me over the past few years. I won’t be doing a summer cut this year, and I will be traveling plenty with work. But in the past I always competed with his progress week in week out.


You may also find this to be a useful source of motivation:


Christian Guzman – Welcome To Summer Shredding


This is a good overall article, in that it’s a reminder of the importance of not getting injured. Despite your maxes being a really good source of progress tracking for strength and size (the two are very highly correlated), it’s not something to pursue relentlessly at the cost of your form, and therefore being injury-free. Don’t get injured:


Ripped.Me – Nobody Cares What Your Max Is


I’ve spoken before about using daily targets to track your progress, as opposed to unrealistically restrictive diet set-ups. This article is similar, and recommends that you use a calendar to keep track of every day, and record each day as a win, draw or loss. If you hit your daily targets, obviously it’s a win, and the more “wins” you get, the closer to your annual goals you are going to get.


Nice. Check it out:


Travis Pollen – How To Track Your Fitness Progress


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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