Men Over 40 Best Weekly Resources – #10

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Men Over 40


Men Over 40 Best Resources Week 10


My YouTube subscriptions have provided me with some excellent content this week, particularly for the past couple of days, so most of this is going to be YouTube videos. It’s been really tough to allocate the top 5 this week, so I hope you get as much value from all of this as I did.


Here we go.


Richard Cooper from Entrepreneurs In Cars was on holiday recently, and by the sounds of it, was in an all inclusive hotel. In the video he talks about his observations from most people, and specifically how they love to talk about wishes, plans and goals, and they DO want the results and the end product, but they’re very rarely willing to put in the required work.


He relates it to fitness multiple times in the video. Most people are getting smashed every day and stuffing their faces at the buffet, rather than being sensible. They’re also not going to the gym. Although they are on holiday, I’ve spoken before about how you can maximise your enjoyment from a holiday without sacrifing all of your goals. Often, the damage you do on holiday can completely undo months of hard work. I’m not exaggerating.


Instead, you should do what I talk about in this article.


Ice cream every now and then is fine, but what I see too often is guys, often Men Over 40 who are stressed out from work, in “holiday mode” and they use this holiday mode to justify all kinds of crap for 2 full weeks or so.


Here’s the video:


Entrepreneurs In Cars – Most People Won’t Do The Work


Paul has released another dieting video for you, this time on how low you can go on your fat intake while dieting. He had a client message him saying that during his last cut, he went as low as 5% of his calories coming from fat (!!!)


Obviously that’s insanely low and Paul talks about the problems associated with that. Basically, if you go too low on anything you end up screwing your hormones up. Too little fat and your testosterone suffers. But this is also the same with carbs. Go too low for too long and your stress hormones go up, hence, reducing total free testosterone.


Have a watch:


Paul Revelia – How Much Fat While Cutting


Omar has done a very in-depth diet video here, specifically the weekly diet set-up he typically follows. It gives you an insight into his thoughts on what foods are useful, and may give you ideas. I appreciate that this isn’t a cutting diet, and that his diet will be different when he’s trying to lose weight. But, he’s a very, very successful guy and knows what he’s doing, so this is a really valuable insight into what he normally eats in order to hit his goals.


He’s been in the game for a long time and is a great source of info, check it out:


OmarIsuf –¬†What I Am Actually Eating To Gain Weight


Kinobody has released a dietary video on how much muscle to eat to maintain muscle whilst losing fat. It’s the classic predicament most guys face. They want to lose fat, but HOLY SHIT WE’RE TERRFIED OF LOSING MUSCLE. Kinobody will give you a better idea of what’s appropriate calorie-wise when trying to maintain. Here’s the video:


Kinobody – How Many Calories Should You Eat to Lose Fat & Maintain Muscle


This is a great video from Will Freeman, as more of a general lifestyle tip. He talks about how most people have absolutely no idea what makes them happy, which I completely agree with.


I personally think that most people limit their happiness to the extent by which they care about what other people think. By this I mean that there are fundamentals like money, career, relationships and health, which are requirements to be happy. But within each category, the specifics will vary from one person to the next.


However, if you constantly worry about whether or not your parents approve of your girlfriend/wife, you are limiting your happiness potential. If you constantly worry about what your friends (or work colleagues) are earning compared to yourself, you are limiting your happiness.


This is where being selfish and having your own goals in each area is a fundamental requirement. You avoid the trap of limiting your happiness potential in each area. You will always have problems, but I see other people’s opinions as a completely unnecessary problem to have. You shouldn’t care.


Will also talks about how it’s a completely internal state, and a lot of the time people are choosing to be unhappy. Sometimes small changes are all that’s required to make a big difference. Seeing as we all want to be happy, have great health and great relationships, I think this is very important. I love the video and you will likely find it useful too:


Revolutionary Lifestyle Design – Align Your Wants With Your Happiness


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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