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Top 20%

Note: This was a guest post written for Charles Sledge, a great blog for self-improvement for men. Go over there and have a look!

Men have lost their way. Most of us have become feminine, dependent, weak and under-confident. Most men are useless with women, and struggle to get laid consistently.

In fact, approximately 80% of men fall under this “feminized” umbrella. This needs to change, and today, I’m going to share my journey with you – my journey escaping from the 80%, and into the abundant life of top 20% – into the life of freedom and fun.

80%! Man, I don’t know about you, but I’m cringing right now simply looking at that figure. OUCH! What’s worse? Men convince themselves that it’s okay. Some statements I’ve heard over the past few years from these unfortunate Betas:

“B-B-But sex isn’t that important. There’s more important things in life. Stop being such a shallow arsehole!” Correct, there are more important things in life, but if you don’t know how to get laid, it’s impossible to have relationships with women whereby you’re free. She knows you don’t have many options, and over time, she knows you will submit to her will, against your own interests (aka become pussy-whipped).

“Having big muscles only attracts men – are you gay or something?” I can tell you for a fact that’s completely false. Women love fantastic physiques, trust me. There is a tiny element of truth to the above statement, in the sense that men do respect other men who are obviously very strong. It’s not a sexual thing. It’s just respect.

I will admit that there is a point of diminishing returns, and beyond this point, you’re better off focusing your efforts on becoming really lean, and maintaining that. But if you’re new to the Fitness Game, then you don’t need to worry about that for a long time.

“Money isn’t important, there are more important things in life than money.” OR, Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness™, or The Best Things In Life Are Free™.

Oh someone please kill me.

Yes, there is more to life than money, but money is the absolute baseline requirement for freedom. People love to rationalise and defend their own crappy circumstances. This is the opposite of self-development.

With no money, you’re fucked, no matter how (temporarily) in love you may be, no matter how good your friends are, no matter how smart you are etc.

Ignore people who come out with similarly daft statements if you want to live a life of masculine happiness and freedom. Having a lean, muscled physique, sex on tap, and a decent income allows you to do this. Other supposedly “more important” things tend to naturally and sustainably follow after these baselines are met, particularly if you refuse to compromise on your personal freedom.

The dating world is radically different now to how it used to be many years ago. If you want to bed a variety of the hottest women in the modern world, on a regular basis with no dry spells, you need to be good in all departments. If you want to become more masculine, and more free, you need to be good in the three key areas.

Looks, sex and money. You need all three.

The four distinct levels of achievement with women are:

1) Virgin

2) Gets laid sporadically, within the context of a committed relationship with a dominant, average-looking woman

3) Gets laid a fair amount, with hot women, however tends to go through dry spells every year

4) Gets laid literally whenever he wants, all year, with hot women

Most men are stuck at stage 2, which simply isn’t good enough if you want to be free and happy (which is virtually the same thing for a man – happiness follows freedom).

We need to all be striving to achieve level 4. When you do eventually reach that level, you feel invincible. The knowledge that you have access to sex with hot women whenever you want it is very, very powerful. It’s a great place to be.

So, how do we get there? How do we transition from one of the 80%, into one of the 20%?

Let me share my personal experience with you.

Become A Top 20% Man – My Personal Path

I don’t think the journey to the top 20% will be the same for every man. I know guys who became very successful businessmen first, then improved their game and fitness afterwards. I also know guys who were born naturals with women, and ended up rapidly improving their income and fitness later.

But, I think that personal fitness is so good, because the results are more or less guaranteed, at least over the long-run. It’s a form of self improvement that is ridiculously objective and easy to measure, and it’s 100% within your control.

With women and business, you are relying on other people’s actions to some degree (which is why the numbers game is so crucial!), whereas with fitness, your success is literally down to YOU. All the time. Nobody else can stop you.

As a brief overview of my personal success, the sequence of events basically looks like this:

Massive improvement of physique, facial aesthetics & sex appeal

Gain a huge amount of self-confidence

Approach many, many hot women

Sleep with many hot women

Women approach you

For myself personally, it all started with gaining about 20 pounds of muscle, and then losing about 25 pounds of fat. Skinny to muscular. 17% body fat to 8% body fat. The crucial part of fat loss is that it also tends to improve your face dramatically. Clothes also look a lot better on you too.

When I started noticing these positive changes, guess what happened to my self-image and self-esteem?

It went through the fucking roof. This carried over into all other interactions I had with other people, be it friends, family, colleagues etc.

Are you starting to see how improving your fitness literally leads to a better life? This is how important it is!

I had finally built up the confidence to approach and talk to the real hotties. Not your average-looking ones, any Beta can do that, and it’s something I also used to limit myself to. Funnily enough, I also used to rationalise my own shitty circumstances – my fear of hot women:

Yeah but hot women are all bitches anyway – I don’t need them™ 

We all know deep down that that’s not true.

Eventually, I managed to sleep with one or two of these “bitches”. Can you guess what I found out? They were actually really, really nice.

Any guesses as to what happened to my self-esteem (again)? Correct. It flew into the stratosphere.

Now, this is where the real magic begins. After you start getting laid with hotties, everything else becomes easier. Opportunities seem to present themselves from nowhere. Women can almost sniff the success, and the curiosity becomes too much for them.

This is when you start to reach level 4, as described above – true abundance. I am a firm believer that every man is capable of this – he just needs a little direction.

My Top 3 Tips For Improving Your Sex Appeal

This is where I may differ from other guys. These are based on my seven years of observations of human behaviour, in relation to diet and training.

Following these three guidelines, I have managed to get to the point whereby I am in the top 2% in terms of male strength, and I also oscillate between 8-10% body fat year-round, with a far more chiselled, masculine face than I used to have.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that I passed into the top 20% fitness-wise a long time ago. If a man does this, he will soon be in the top 20% sexually too, assuming he puts in the numbers. YOU CAN DO THIS TOO.

During my journey:

  • I enjoyed food, eating more or less what I wanted (within my caloric budget).
  • I had a great social life.
  • I granted myself the freedom to enjoy myself at parties and big family events.
  • I never worried about going over 50g of carbs per day.
  • I was excited about my training sessions – I was eager to keep hitting big PR’s every session.
  • I had women constantly trying to feed me up (but I knew this would happen, and expected it to happen 😉 Intermittent Fasting is a life-saver here).
  1. DO NOT attempt the typical low-carb diets. If you want long-term success, you have to enjoy the fitness journey. The world is full of men who attempt extreme diets, have ridiculous success with them for a while, and then eventually return to their original, sub-optimal condition. Getting shredded, but then gaining all your fat back again later is not a win in my book. You want to be good-looking year-round? Don’t make radical changes to anything. Instead, I suggest only restricting sugar and other addictive foods. Other than that, go and enjoy yourself. You can do this. You can enjoy yourself on a diet and get ripped. What’s the secret? Get all of your protein, fruit and vegetables in as early as possible, then, after these requirements have been met, you’re free. Free to enjoy yourself. The magic is that it suddenly becomes FAR easier to enjoy yourself once these conditions are met, hence, you eat less, yet you’re still happy. It’s magic.
  2. Keep your training regime as fun as humanly possible. Personally, I have written many training programs, and have found that the most sustainable ones over the long-term tend to be the most fun ones. I incorporate rep maxes into every single session, unless the lifter is taking a break (or deload week). They are also free to incorporate their own isolation exercises. I let them do more or less what they want in this regard. Training needs to be fun and motivating to keep the gain-train going. To keep the muscles growing (or maintaining) forever.
  3. Only take supplements if you know with absolute certainty that your diet is incredibly good. You’ve consulted with numerous coaches and nutritionists, and similar conclusions have been drawn – your diet is faultless. Then, and only then, can you take supplements. Do you know how many people this applies to? Go on, guess. Nope. It applies to no one, which is why I don’t take any supplements myself, beyond a multivitamin. I’ve seen it too many times – guys become fixated on the next supplement that will magically provide them with “insane gainz”, which takes away the emphasis from where it should be – the diet – food.

Guys, improve your sex appeal, and everything else follows in abundance. Life’s good in the top 20%. Join us.




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