Best Men Over 40 Weight Loss Resources – #21

Posted on June 18, 2018 in Diet, Health, Older Guys

Men Over 40


Best Men Over 40 Weight Loss Resources – #21


Testosterone is a major issue for Men Over 40, well actually, it’s major for men of all ages as this blog post shows, however Men Over 40 are most heavily affected by a lack of testosterone most of the time.


As society becomes more:


  • Dependent
  • Socialist
  • Pussified
  • Weak
  • Lazy
  • Man-hating
  • Ill-disciplined


testosterone continues to decline. Across the board. This is a big, BIG problem, as it leads to lower confidence, greater fear of risks and ambitious goals, poorer health, poorer muscle retention in diets, less energy, lower sleep quality, and all kinds of other issues.


Jay Campbell is an excellent source of knowledge when it comes to TRT, and in this article he talks about the societal acceptance of many other forms of treatment against other health problems, and he compares on contrasts these against TRT. Hopefully this should give you more of an objective view of TRT, rather than being skewed by irrational, knee-jerk responses that have no founding on reality. The reality being that your health is under attack.


Check it out:


Jay Campbell – Is TRT An Acceptable Way To Cure Declining Testosterone?


Gotta love Silent Mike – he’s a great dancer, entertainer, powerlifter, and…..source of training and diet information.


He talks in detail about:


  • Keto
  • Supplements
  • Instagram
  • Inflammation
  • Diseases
  • etc.


and he rips apart a few common myths that you may currently not be aware of.


I highly recommend watching his training videos if you are into the big 6 movements (WHICH YOU SHOULD BE IF YOU WANT ANY LEVEL OF STRENGTH AND/OR MUSCLE!!).


He is a great guy from strength training programming and I’ve taken a lot of advice from him over the years. Check out his videos:


Silent Mike – 2018 Diet Myths Busted


Yep, it’s something I’ve been saying for a while; if you go too low on carbs, at any point, ever, you’re risking muscle loss. Keto may work for a while if you’re extremely obese, but it’s terrible for muscle retention (and many other things). Low-carb diets are simply not a good idea for any more than a few days. Don’t have long-term expectations for them.


Watch Paul’s video here:


Paul Revelia – Carbs Better For Lean Mass


Another one from Paul – such great content for Men Over 40. I wrote a post for A King’s Castle a few weeks ago detailing a few great tips on meal prep and saving time within your health and fitness life. Go over there and check that post out if you want to learn more about eating a better diet with less time and energy expended. It will get you very lean with minimal interference with your work, family etc.


But Paul has some great tips in this video, and I may do a post on it. Check Paul’s tips out here:


Paul Revelia – Meal Prep, Make It Easier


I’ve written before that motivation comes in waves, and that you’ll need discipline to push through the tough times. But there are definitely things you can do in the moment to boost your motivation.


This post by WB Fitness follows the theme of “just do it, and you’ll feel better once you get some work done” theory, which I have found with almost anything, absolutely 100% works.


The traditional “school of thought” was that you motivated yourself first, then desire and productive work followed. But quite often the inverse is true – motivation follows work.


Both ways can get the job done.


Many times I have gone to the gym tired/jet-lagged/whatever, and I didn’t “feel” like it, but smashed the workout anyway.


I can safely say you need to fuck your feelings. Your feelings don’t want you to succeed, so screw them.


Learn more about WB Fitness’ tactics for motivation here:


WB Fitness – The Motivation Booster Workout


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