Men Over 40 Weight Loss: I’ve Stalled! Help!

Posted on October 15, 2018 in Fat Loss Tips, Health, Men Over 40

Men Over 40 Weight Loss


Here’s the four Men Over 40 Weight Loss tips for this week:


Paul Revelia – How To Stay Fit With A Busy Life


Wow. This is the PERFECT video for busy Men Over 40, and also for fathers. After talking with a lot of guyson Twitter recently, a common theme amongst guys who are struggling to lose weight, is time.


How can I lose weight when I’m working 50+ hour weeks?


When I have a wife and 3 kids?


When I…..


A lot of these questions are answered very honestly (and arguably quite ruthlessly) by Paul here. I love it. Click to watch above.


Jason Blaha – Protein & Calories Are All That Really Matter For Fat Loss


This is another great, truthful video, that cuts through the bullshit. I agree with it, but would also add a couple of pointers:


  1. Your fiber intake will make it easier to stay full (think quality carbs)
  2. Low sugar will be a game-changer in terms of cravings and fullness (again, think quality carbs)


Other than that, he’s right. Assuming you’re not eating complete junk all the time, and the majority of your calories are very “clean”, fats and carbs are largely inter-changeable within the context of a calorie deficit, and as long as you have your bases covered, you’re good to go.


PD Mangan – Ultra-Processed Food = Chronic Disease + Obesity


Sounds lovely, right?


If you want to lose weight, improve your appearance and your health span, then ultra-processed foods have to go. You really have got a triumvirate of benefits here. There really is no reason to keep eating processed crap.


He’s spot on when he says that in the modern era, the basis of health is going to be the avoidance of processed food (along with exercise and not smoking).


Click the link above to access some life-saving information.


Paul Revelia – Skinny-Fat! Bulk Or Cut?


Great video again from Paul – there are many Men Over 40 who email me or Tweet to me (depending on whether or not they’re on the email list) asking what to do if they’re skinny fat. I will give them proper, detailed analysis of their physique and what they should do if they pay, as this is a business of course.


But unless they give me more detail, there is no real answer to this problem, as it will be a very case by case thing, and will depend on their priorities.


Paul is assuming in this video that you’re new to training. If you are, check out his response above.


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