Men Over 40 Weight Loss Resources – #25

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Men Over 40


Best Men Over 40 Weight Loss Resources – #25


I know from my email list (sign up now!) that many of you struggle with knowing exactly what foods to eat on a regular basis to lose weight.


If this is you, then this is probably the most important video I have ever linked – you must watch it now. This is a permanently shredded guy telling you exactly what he eats on a normal week(!)


Have fun, and take notes:


Joe Delaney – Full WEEK Of Eating


The problem I have with MGTOW’s (Men Going Their Own Way) is the mindset. It’s the mindset of a loser. Full-blown MGTOW’s who completely withdraw from the “Sexual Marketplace” as Richard calls it, are complete losers. I understand the pain, but the solution is to compete and to improve. This makes you happy. Quitting never makes people happy.


Men need women, women need men; as I said in this article.


Picture a guy who gets laid whenever he wants, with hot women, and has minimal relationship drama and problems. Do you think he will hate women? Do you think he will be opting out of the “Sexual Marketplace?”


Don’t think so. He’s too busy having a great time. Seriously, think about that.


Where I have a MASSIVE problem with MGTOW’s is that they extend this loser mindset into fitness. Uh-oh. Big no-no. I’ve read their depressing forums before, and amongst the talk of sex dolls and other crap, they will start talking about fitness:


“I’m not lifting weights or gaining muscle cause I don’t need to impress women”, or;


“Anyone who lifts weights is just a supplicating pussy”


Uhhhhhh, so you’re going to choose to be unattractive, skinny and weak? You’re making the conscious decision to be of lower value to all other people (men & women both). You complete moron. I couldn’t think of anything more stupid. These guys almost remind me of a two year old throwing a tantrum and chucking the toys out of its’ pram. Pathetic.


It’s almost the loose equivalent of Feminists who choose not to wear make-up because they’re Strong Independent Women Who Don’t Need Men™. Well whatever, but don’t moan when your sex life (and therefore relationship life too, by default) becomes even worse than it already is (hahahaha).


Both MGTOW’s and Feminists are some of the most bitter, resentful and unhappy humans on the planet. Don’t listen to either side.


Richard makes some great points on the overall MGTOW thing here, and it’s worrying that it gets so much support on YouTube comments. Ah well, more women for me (rubbing hands together with a big grin on my face):


Entrepreneurs In Cars – What MGTOW Gets Wrong


Team 3DMJ have released another cracker with some fantastic fitness brains – Mike Tuchscherer, Bryce Lewis, & Greg Nuckols (holy crap – dream team).


The big-picture fundamentals still very much hold true – lifestyle, calories in vs calories out, macros etc. But there is some individualisation to be taken into account for both training and diet.


Watch this to discover more:


Team 3DMJ – Individualisation


Jason makes a great point with this video; an excessive focus on the big three will lead to a very powerful, yet slightly unbalanced physique.


You’ll get massive:


  • Pecs
  • Legs
  • Traps
  • Delts


But lagging:


  • Arms (if this is a problem for you)
  • Mid-back


Here’s how to balance everything out:


Jason Blaha – How To Balance Your Physique


If you want to learn how to get ripped, stay ripped and learn about what I eat on a regular basis, keep up to date with my IF lifestyle updates (also stay tuned for a full week of eating! I’m looking at all the suggestions from Twitter and I’m working on it).


Here’s what’s new with me and my goals:


Forever Alpha Blog – Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle


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