Men Over 40 Weight Loss Resources – #24

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Men Over 40


Best Men Over 40 Weight Loss Resources – #24


There are a lot of good resources on this guys site – some great information. I like the information on time efficient exercises for Men Over 40, daily activity, and mindset.


Just beware of the 30 day fat loss con.


Other than that, check out some great information here – it will boost your fat loss results:


Weight Loss For Men Over 40


Everything matters to some degree. BUT, some things matter more than others. It goes something like this:





Calories in vs calories out

Lifestyle, consistency & adherence


Lifestyle underpins everything, and this is why I talk about developing an Intermittent Fasting lifestyle, that allows you to have long-term success, rather than focusing too much on the short-term.


Jason does a great job in this video of explaining the above; you cannot escape the enormity of calorie balance:


Jason Blaha – Macros Matter, But…


Your social life is very important to your overall happiness and lifestyle, and although people often sabotage their fitness efforts with an excessive social life, you can actually use it to complement your fitness efforts. I know I do.


You see, lonliness, boredom, depression, stress are all emotions that can cause people to want to eat more. I spoke about this in detail ages ago; when this blog first began. Having a great social life and good friends can definitely get rid of these problems.


You don’t need to drink alcohol with them to socialise. You don’t need to do anything, really, other than spend quality time together. That’s it. Doesn’t need to involve calories, although I admit that it can add to the occasion.


Younger guys don’t tend to have difficulty meeting new people and finding new friends, especially if they have outrageously good social skills (*cough* like myself *cough*), but it’s a very big and very real problem Men Over 40 face, largely due to older guys being married off with, and (therefore) controlled by, their wives/kids.


My tips would be:


  1. Have access to cities (if it’s that important to you)
  2. Utilise the internet and the many, many apps available


Here’s Aaron’s take on where to find friends if you’re struggling:


Aaron Clarey – Where Old Guys Can Find Friends


Definitely a worthwhile read here, as the article mentions some great points about comfort foods, sleep, eating out, and taking walks.


Taking brisk walks can be a great way to manage appetite/cravings whilst simultaneously burning extra calories in a manner that won’t impact your training – it will actually help recovery.


Great post – check it out:


Life Hack – The Ultimate Guide To Weight Loss For Men Over 40


Yes this is my work; don’t care. It’s awesome, and you will gain a huge amount of value from it. If you want 9 clear, no BS rules to help you have a long-term successful fitness life as you age, this is the article for you:


9 Rules For A Successful Men Over 40 Fitness Life


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