Men Over 40 Weight Loss Resources – #23

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Men Over 40


Best Men Over 40 Weight Loss Resources – #23


This is a fantastic resource for Men Over 40; especially for all things testosterone. Testosterone is a very serious problem that’s getting worse every year for men of all ages (and it’s definitely correlated with poor dietary choices and obesity). So it’s not just Men Over 40. Having said this, it’s even worse for older guys.


For Men Over 40, the dangers include:


  • Muscle loss
  • Loss in motivation
  • Lower sex drive
  • Becoming more feminine
  • Less desire to pursue your goals
  • Laziness


This article talks about the links between energy, sex drive and testosterone, and crucially (if you’re a supplement lover), when to be very careful when looking at Testosterone-boosting “supplements”, as it may only be messing with dopamine, which isn’t the same thing as testosterone (at all). Read more:


TOT Revolution – Raise Libido, Raise Testosterone?


This is another great one from Paul, who is currently travelling and living the good life in Denver, who talks about his mindset, choices and strategies when it comes to balancing a shredded physique with:


  • Spending time with fun people
  • Alcohol (his view is slightly stricter than mine)
  • Enjoying great meals and great food


Very insightful video from Paul, as always, have a read here:


Paul Revelia – How To Stay Shredded


Silent Mike has always been 15%+ body fat, and he’s currently going through a fat loss phase. I think many of you will be able to relate to his journey. I know quite a few of my readers are already relatively strong, so fat loss is easily the most important priority.


Learn from Mike’s experiences, and what works/what doesn’t. Head over to his channel and subscribe:


Silent Mike – Losing Weight & Looking Better


Brilliant article here from Joe at Western Mastery; and I strongly agree with the overall message. The answer to most problems in your life are going to relate in some way to self-improvement. Specifically, improving your skills in the following areas:


  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Fitness


Level up in those three and it’s more or less impossible to suffer from depression, and it’s more or less impossible not to enjoy life, which is the whole point of being here. Why live your life suffering? The whole point of being on this planet (other than to survive and reproduce) is to enjoy it, short-term and long-term.


Great article with an excellent message, I think you will all benefit from reading it:


Western Mastery – The Secret To Masculine Fulfilment


This is why I say; look at things objectively and stop following your emotions. This is especially true with fitness and goal-setting.


Sometimes you won’t feel like training. Sometimes you won’t feel like dieting. Sometimes you won’t feel like eating clean.


I don’t care. If you have goals set in the fitness area, you must do what you need to do regardless of how you feel. Do the work anyway.


This is a great video from Jason on how you must ignore your body’s minor signals when it comes to feeling bad. If you’re pushing yourself with any goal, there will inevitably be times when you feel crap. Always. Severe, acute pain is different, of course. But youn have to have the temporary unhappiness and feeling crap in order to get the long-term benefits.


Watch more:


Jason Blaha – How You Feel Is A Lie


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