Get YOUR Alpha Physique Fat Loss Tips – #75

Posted on July 26, 2018 in Alpha Physique, Cutting, Diet, Fat Loss Tips

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Alpha Physique Fat Loss Tips – #75


Here’s today’s 3 Alpha Physique tips:


Ignore Starvation Mode Myths


People in true “starvation mode” continue to lose weight. People starving to death do not stall in fat loss. Paul goes into a lot of depth in this video debunking the starvation myth.


What actually happens on a diet is that people fail to lose weight because it gets too difficult if they cut too hard and too fast, hence, the 10% calorie drop limit that I recommend.


Your metabolism adapts a little, but not that much. If you’re eating below your BMR (baseline maintenance calories (not the same as your TDEE)) THEN YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT REGARDLESS OF METABOLIC ADAPTATION.


People in true starvation mode don’t stall. They just keep on losing weight.


Maximise Your Post-Workout Recovery With Sensible Scheduling


This a great article from by Luke Douglas. Recovery is a huge, HUGE piece of the fitness pie, and you’ve gotta get it right. Scheduling rest days and/or weeks is crucial for:


  • Preventing tweaks and pains from developing into full-blown injuries
  • Allowing for extra muscle growth from the accumulated fatigue
  • Allowing yourself to become hungrier and more motivated for gym time and lifting weights


Very good article – click the link above.


Read This Fat Loss Travel Guide


This is a fantastic post from JTS Strength – I highly encourage you to check it out.


Many people manage to actually get their beach body, yet never maintain it when they travel abroad. OR, people never get the beach body in the first place because they screw it up by eating ice cream and other crap when they travel because they’re in “party mode”.


If this is you, and you struggle to maintain your fitness when traveling, the above post is for you. Very good tips, and they all work for all people. Seriously. Do them and your results will skyrocket. He talks about:


  • Expectations
  • Convenience
  • Communicating needs with waiters
  • Flexibility


Also, read this article too. It has a lot of travel fitness tips.


There you go; 3 quick but incredibly useful fat loss tips for you. Try them and your fat loss results will improve – get to work.


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