Get YOUR Beach Body NOW With 3 Fat Loss Tips – #64

Posted on June 1, 2018 in Cutting, Diet, Fat Loss Tips

Fat Loss Tips

















Fat Loss Tips – #64


Here’s today’s 3 top fat loss tips:


How Long Will It Take Me To Lose Fat?


Charles does a very good job of answering that question, and I agree that his numbers are very accurate. If you are feeling impatient and want to get rid of that fat, then he will answer any nagging questions you have in relation to time. Go over there and check it out.


However, I would caution against trying to speed things up. As long as you are making week to week progress on the scale, in the mirror and on your waist measurements, I would not look to speed things up, as you normally pay the price for your impatience. Taking things slowly is always better for sustainabililty.


In terms of tracking progress, you need to have stalled on at least two of your measurements tools in order to warrant putting your foot down on the accelerator. Just because the scale has stopped moving for a few days, or because on one or two pictures (within a 1 week timeframe) you don’t look any leaner, doesn’t mean you should slash your calories.


No, wait to see if you genuinely have stalled. If you cut calories too early you have no hope of sustaining your new sexy physique, which is a waste of time in my very strong and very experienced opinion.


Dominate Your Cardio Sessions


Consistency is absolutely the key with cardio. For any given level of calories, you will always notice a difference in fat loss if you back off on the cardio. This is why I always tell guys to start off on the low end with cardio so you always have room to do more.


You DO NOT want to start off with 5+ cardio sessions per week at the beginning of a fat loss phase and then run into inevitable time management and scheduling problems. You will absolutely stall every time. Start off low, and once you’ve found some routine and consistency feel free to increase the total weekly cardio. Until then, hold your horses.


Jynx talks about how he started off smaller with his cardio goals, and gradually increase the total workload over time – smart. He also talks about how he started to enjoy these sessions more and more over time, which is exactly why it’s always best to start off slower with goals, then ramp up the intensity once your basic habits have been built. Same with most goals in my opinion.


Whilst it’s also true that you can’t out-train a bad diet, he mentions that cardio will grant you more dietary freedom, which I’ve mentioned before. It will increase diet adherence (assuming you have basic self-discipline) and will help with long-term success.


Good article – have a read.


Create Home Workouts To Add The Final Piece To The Jigsaw


Although I think the majority of your strength training should be done with barbells and dumbbells, you can definitely top off your training volume with some home workouts. Think of them as finishers, or if you’re really pressed for time, they’re a lot better than not doing anything.


In the past, I liked to do weighted push ups, and pull ups (I bought a very cheap pull up bar online). Also I did 30s squats (paused in the hole) whilst holding dumbbells. These were useful mini-workouts to add to my training volume and calorie burning when I was a beginner.


There you go; 3 quick but incredibly useful fat loss tips for you. Try them and your fat loss results will improve – get to work.


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