Why Are We Fat? Part 2

Posted on February 11, 2018 in Diet, Health, Lifestyle, Older Guys, Sustainability

  Continuing on from part 1, I’m going to delve into some more reasons as to why we continue to grow in body fat, year by year. In part 1, I discussed four big factors, with laziness probably being the biggest one as it carries over into just about everything else we do.   Now […]

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Why Are We Fat? Part 1

Posted on February 7, 2018 in Diet, Health, Lifestyle, Older Guys, Sustainability

  It’s a trend that’s growing. It’s getting worse year by year – our society as a whole is getting huge. Obviously this is a problem, and as most enormous problems, it has numerous causes. Some causes are huge macro-level things, whereas others are micro-level things that just make the existing problem a little worse. […]

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Managing Long-Term Fitness Goals: An Analysis

Posted on January 31, 2018 in Progression, Sustainability

  I was watching a video on YouTube recently, which you can find here, which really closely resembled my findings over the past few years. The video’s overall message was that generally speaking, your fitness goals are probably going to take you a lot longer than you expect them to.   People tend to look […]

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Why Low Carb Diets Breed Inconsistent Results

Posted on May 25, 2017 in Cutting, Diet, Sustainability

The online fitness community never ceases to amuse me. As the promises of rapid progress and instant results continue, the seas of frustrated, unsuccessful dieters continue to grow. Everyone seems to jump onto the bandwagon without really stopping to analyse the effectiveness of these ideas in the real world. Before I begin, I encourage you […]

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The Transition Period

Posted on May 22, 2017 in Alpha Physique, Bulking, Diet, Physique, Sustainability

SO many guys fail to do this, and end up ballooning after their cutting period, where they were extremely deprived, and couldn’t wait to get bulking again. It’s arguably one of the most crucial periods, the “Transition Period” as I like to call it, for those who care about staying lean year-round. This is the […]

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