Build Your Own Gym

Build Your Own Gym


Build Your Own Gym


Eight years ago when I was starting out with fitness, I gained the most amount of muscle and strength in a 12 month period that I have ever gained before.


Granted, I was a beginner, so it was to be expected. But the amazing thing was:


I only frequented the gym once per week.


Which begs the question, how on earth did I gain so much muscle in my first year of training?


Home Workouts


Back in the days of Scooby, the infamous old man YouTuber fitness guy, I used to follow his advice to the letter.


I performed high volume home workouts and pushed myself to the limit. It worked. And what’s more? You also:


  • Save time (travelling to and from the gym)
  • Save ~£400 per year (in my case)
  • Get to be the DJ and blast your favourite music in your garage
  • Get to make as much noise as you want
  • Get instant access to all equipment without having to wait for idiots to finish


Pretty cool.


In fact, I still do home workouts now; you can read more about them here. Sure, they have evolved somewhat, and as my size and strength has grown, I’ve needed heavier weights and better equipment. It does cost money, but I look at it as a long-term investment.


Back when I first started, I spent a couple of hundred pounds on equipment for my garage, but it’s lasted me eight years.




That’s a huge return on investment – a total saving of at least £3200. And I’ve gained a lot of muscle and saved a lot of time all at the same time. Great stuff.


Build Your Own Gym


Get Dumbbells For Funtional Strength


Here is the dumbbell set; very solid, with spinlock attachments, rather than crappy clips. The weight is 20kg, which is perfect for beginner upper body movements.


This is the dumbbell set I currently have, but you don’t need this as a beginner as your strength levels won’t require it just yet. You could get it, but you won’t need it for a while.


Nevertheless, I absolutely love it and it contributed to a huge amount of my growth in years 2 & 3 of training.


Get A Solid Bench For A Huge Chest


This is the bench I got years ago, which has provided me with hundreds of great chest, back (rows) and shoulder workouts over the years.


It’s CRUCIAL that you get a high quality one like I did; you don’t want this stuff breaking on you in the middle of a heavy, PR dumbbell press set. It’s never worth getting injured, so you’d best have some good equipment.


Get A Pull-Up Bar For Killer Relative Strength


Finally, the pull-up bar. This little beauty clips onto the top of your door frame and holds perfectly still in place, whilst you hammer out the pull-ups.


I’ve done many a “pull-up challenge” on this bad boy; 100 pull-ups in as few minutes as possible. This must be one of the key factors as to why I’m so good at pull-ups now (on top of being very lean).


My biggest advice would be to start off with a lighter dumbbell set like the one I linked first and a pull up bar.


These two are non-negotiable if you want to have home workouts that get you brutally strong without wasting time & money inside gyms.


Then, when you become really strong, you will need a solid bench and also some far heavier dumbbells.