Appetite Manipulation – The Key To A Good Diet

Posted on January 23, 2017 in Appetite Manipulation, Happiness, Health, Sustainability

Appetite Manipulation is so important, as very few of us actually have the ability to eat the perfect amount of calories on a regular basis, whether cutting or lean-bulking, for optimal results. This means minimal fat gain on a bulk and minimal muscle loss on a cut.

Control your appetite!

Most people will either have a larger appetite, conducive to fat gain, or a smaller one, making it difficult to get bigger or stronger. So we need a strategy to combat these appetite issues and ensure the balance is upheld.

As discussed here, diet is 80% of our body composition success, and 80% of diet is total calorie balance. Therefore Appetite Manipulation over the long haul is MASSIVE!

Strategies such as meal timing and supplements can be effective, however it’s all completely irrelevant if your total calorie balance is way off, in order for your goals to be achieved.

Details will follow in the future, specifically meal plans and ways to alter you psychology when it comes to eating!

But for now, if you are pursuing muscle gain or fat loss and need to fight your natural appetite, you will need to commit to this goal. It requires mental energy and emotional investment. It’s just like any other goal in life, and you will need to prioritise and focus accordingly.

The most difficult stages in the process are normally the beginning and end. Getting the ball rolling and making some initial progress can often be very difficult, particularly if you are trying to improve in other areas of your life.

Once you gain some momentum, things start to get a bit easier and flow more naturally. Then finally, as you are reaching your goal (assuming it is an ambitious one), things will likely be very tough again!

Appetite Manipulation strategies will help to make your life as easy as possible during this process, and will help to alleviate any issues with food, whether eating too much or too little.

Most people fall into one category and you likely know which! 😉

Which one is it for you? Comment below!

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