About Me

Do you struggle to lose weight?

Do you find it hard to gain muscle?

Do you want to gain confidence and live a happier and more successful life?

I will show you how.

I’m Alex. I’ve been consulting guys for 6 years, and am on a mission to help others to achieve their fitness goals. Like many of you, I’ve suffered from challenges in the past with body fat and maintaining a lean & chiseled physique, experiencing the usual frustration, lack of confidence and helplessness.

But now everything is different. Transforming your body boosts your confidence and carries over into all other areas of your life. People simply treat you better. Don’t believe me? Try it.

I want to help others succeed like I have done, and have finally have created the best strategy in order to achieve these goals. I will not sell you useless supplements, and I will focus on the psychological problems people face when trying to achieve their goals.


This strategy works. I’ve worked with guys across the world, all of varying ages. It’s a long term plan that most guys will find very easy to understand but difficult to implement.

Unfortunately, most of what you’ve been taught is wrong, as there’s a lot of poor information on the internet. The supplement industry is a scam and too many guys are wasting their hard-earned cash. There’s also a lot of poor information in regards to cardio and protein intake. This needs to change. 

This blog has everything you need to increase your confidence, success and become far happier in life. However, this is only if you are prepared to let it.

It will lay the foundations for sustainable improvements in body composition, without returning to your original condition and experiencing the typical yo-yo effect that’s seen with 97% of guys. I also predict that this will get worse over time, with society’s obsession with instant gratification.

I will help you to be happier for the rest of your life!

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